People & Skills Development

You can’t build a high flying organisation without top-notch people. You recruit those you believe are the best for the job but as the economic environment changes, so your people need to change. Do they have the skill sets?


Negotiation & Soft Skills

PMMS has a specialist practice devoted to negotiation and behavioural skills – Negotiation Resource International. The NRI approach helps individuals and organisations drive better deals through learning and applying the powers of persuasion and influence in a safe environment. We focus on both sides of the buyer/seller interface, working with clients in various industry sectors – buying, selling and relationship management.

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NRI was founded by Paul Steele, author of several best-selling purchasing and negotiation books including the new negotiation handbook ‘It’s an Even Better Deal’. NRI continues to offer high calibre negotiation support, specialising in state-of-the-art negotiating and buying concepts and in the practical application of these to improve clients’ profitability and competitiveness.

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