People & Skills Development

You can’t build a high flying organisation without top-notch people. You recruit those you believe are the best for the job but as the economic environment changes, so your people need to change. Do they have the skill sets?


Procurement Skills online

We can design online learning and webinars around your own competencies, skills and processes. The online learning can be used to embed core knowledge, or as a refresher.

  • We can use off-the-shelf content or use the output of a skills assessment to design materials which reflects focus and priority.
  • We recommend webinars of around 90 minutes hours duration used to embed core knowledge, these can be recorded so participants can view more than once.
  • We commonly use the client’s own system and have experience of using both Cisco Webex and MS LiveMeeting
  • We also offer the option of having modules translated into key languages, so that all of your global requirements can be met.

    If you just want to use our online learning modules on our online learning platform, we offer a tiered subscription access to the platform which enables clients to access the right learning and supporting content for their needs.

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