People & Skills Development

You can’t build a high flying organisation without top-notch people. You recruit those you believe are the best for the job but as the economic environment changes, so your people need to change. Do they have the skill sets?


Accredited B.Sc in Purchasing

A B.Sc. in Purchasing aimed at organisations who require their people to be professionally qualified and desire the MCIPS designation. Assignments are used to demonstrate the application of learning and deliver value back to the organisation.

How does it work?

  • Individuals attend tutorial modules and complete work based assignments
  • The programme takes around 24 months to complete all 3 levels
  • Programmes can be delivered ‘in-company’ at your location
  • ‘Open’ programmes available to individuals subject to a minimum group size of 12

Why choose this route?

  • Based upon workplace assignments and assessment rather than exams
  • Individuals gain a B.Sc. in Purchasing and MCIPS subject to experience
  • Fully Accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Concentration on applied learning rather than simply theory
  • Conversion possible with entry at levels 5 or 6 based on prior learning
  • Full support from university tutors and access to resources