Functional Improvement

Managing a business is about managing change effectively, streamlining operations, leveraging value. The key to agility today is to have accurate and actionable information so that key decision-makers can predict trends and react quickly to new challenges.


Spend and Opportunity Analysis

Put very simply, managing spend enables you take control of corporate costs.

In support of requirements to identify and prioritise sourcing effort, we routinely undertake spend analysis for clients. Using existing data sources such as a general ledger we are able to organise suppliers by category and expenditure to determine factors as the level of concentration and risk to support basic category planning.

As part of the expenditure segmentation procedure we evaluate the current sourcing approach and contracting strategy, look at existing contractual constraints, and assess the difficulty of change.

We also make use of other data sources such as contract registers to understand the breadth and depth of procurement activity in particular categories, and appreciate any contractual obligations which may impact upon the potential to realise opportunities in these categories.

Where appropriate, this information is supported with knowledge from semi-structured interviews which are used to understand what activity has taken place, the benefits already achieved and other constraints.