Functional Improvement

Managing a business is about managing change effectively, streamlining operations, leveraging value. The key to agility today is to have accurate and actionable information so that key decision-makers can predict trends and react quickly to new challenges.



Many organisations continue to struggle in making e-procurement work effectively for them.

Whether you are completely new to e-procurement or have already embarked on the journey and wish to accelerate progress in this area PMMS works alongside clients to provide support to develop and implement a procurement technology strategy. PMMS will undertake a health check to assess the current state of your systems and processes, analyses vendor selection and then help with implementation.

We are independent of any technology and this ensures that our advice is objective and unbiased. Our focus is therefore on addressing the typical challenges of reducing the transactional and administrative burden. Improving cycle times, reducing operating costs and improving compliance levels rather than simply starting with technology as being the answer.