Functional Improvement

Managing a business is about managing change effectively, streamlining operations, leveraging value. The key to agility today is to have accurate and actionable information so that key decision-makers can predict trends and react quickly to new challenges.


Capability benchmarking

PMMS knows what best practice looks like – we have benchmarked over 150 organisations around the world. Our benchmarking tools provide a structured methodology for understanding a company’s procurement effectiveness, compared to best practice.

Our strategic review provides tangible results: organisations whom we have taken through this process have significantly improved the view of procurement within their own organisations.

Our procurement capability assessment is our tool to benchmark strategic procurement capability against best practice, resulting in a detailed action plan and business case for change – all built on PMMS Group’s experience of analysing over 150 organisations worldwide.

This tool explores more than 50 ‘pulse points’ across 10 key areas that are critical for success.

The in-depth study:

  • Looks at how the procurement team interfaces with the rest of the organisation

  • Evaluates what areas need to be changed and why

  • Investigates the core elements necessary for to deliver world-class procurement performance

The outcome of our benchmarking is a targets ‘roadmap’ delivering a targeted, pragmatic action plan focussing on short, medium and long term recommended actions. We can support you in all areas of the action plans.