In addition to our tutor led face to face sessions, PMMS also offers our online procurement skills development platform and PMMS Sourcing Navigator our online sourcing navigator tool which is aimed at supporting a category management based approach and embedding strategic procurement consistently and effectively within teams.


PMMS Procurement and Supply Chain Academy

Our Learning modules offer:

A ‘right now approach’: delivering learning straight to the user when they need it in bite sized manageable chunks which you can fit into your daily work schedule.

A ‘wherever you need it’ method of delivery: our e-learning and the platform on which it sits, are accessible through all devices including mobile (smart phones, laptops and tablets).

Consistency: no trickling down of information. Everyone gets the same messages. Everywhere. Consistently.

Engaging online learning: appealing to all learning styles, by using a mix of media and a range of interactive tasks to help the user remember what they’ve learnt.

Supportive: our e-learning modules will let you know how you are progressing and how well you are doing. Inspiring confidence.

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